Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Corps! Lanard 2003

Normally, the figures from Lanard are not much to talk about. Limited articulation, odd sculpting and oversized features. For this particular crew of Corps figures, all of that applies, but these guys are still pretty dang cool!
I bought these guys way back around 2004. The GI Joe market wasn't that impressive at the time and these troops were just the low priced military figures I was looking for. I think they were less than a buck each and I believe the single carded Lanard figures may still be just under a dollar.

There is merit to these figures though, but they sure aren't GI Joe. They have swivel necks, decent arm articulation, waist movement, jointed knees, and t-crotch articulation. Not great, but they are toys after all. Clunky, oversized features. So what's so cool about them? The frikkin' paint apps! The detailing of the paint jobs on these guys are just amazing. For such low cost figures, the paint apps are very nice. Layers of fabric, creases in faces, paint on all of the sculpted details. These guys really look pretty cool as long as you take them for what they are - toys.

I'm pretty sure each of these guys are specific characters, but I don't recall who they are and don't really want to try and figure them out. So just gaze upon their awesomeness!

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Big Tone said...

At least these guys have realistic head sculpts.The newer figures are very cartoony.