Assorted troops

I have shown many of these troops previously. Some have been updated; some are just cool enough to show them again.
One of my most recent customs -  Tripwire's head on a GI Joe trooper body. The HALO helmet looks cool, but it's a little on the small size. Tripwire's head just seems to be more realistically scaled.

My spin on Mirage. PoC Skydive with Resolute Duke from boxed set's head. Goggles and a carved out belt from SpyTroops Black Out add the details.
Gung Ho? Never really liked the PoC Recondo much. Decent figure and head, but that neck was awful. Just didn't look like Recondo much either. His head is mounted on the new "running change" DG green uni Shipwreck. With Steel Brigade vest.

Leatherneck's head on new DG Shipwreck body. Looks okay, but not really the whole Leatherneck feel.

Taurus from the BBTS Sgt Slaughter's Marauders set. Use Recondo's body, so he has that wonky neck. Didn't like the web gear he came with, so why not try Reco's vest? Works for me!

General Hawk from Rise of Cobra gets a new look. Used an extra Mouse's body. I think this looks great and this is this guy's permanent look. But who is he? Do I keep him as General Hawk or do I stick with the PoC update to General Hawk? Or maybe this guy is someone new?

Renegades Duke head on PoC Hawk body w Steel Brigade vest. Current default Duke. Looking forward to see how this head will work on upcoming "Ultimate Duke" w/ Tatum's head. The Renegade Duke head is the best ever in my opinion. And that's all that counts on this blog!

Recondo updated. New forearms and Renegade Duke's hands, plus new web gear. Looks better. Still has that slightly worried look to his face? Plus I used a spot of rubber cement to keep his hat on.

How about this for Gung Ho? GH's head from a comic two-pack on PoC Hawk's body w Kirk Start's vest. Default Gung Ho for now. Hasbro really needs to update Gung Ho and don't just give us an update of his original bare chested baby-blue uniform. Please, no.

This is Roach. I got the name idea from an awesome customizer named Rick whom I first became aware of on Joedios. He does amazing work! Roach is just the alt head from PoC Zartan on Resolute Beach Head's body w/ Zartan/Sandstorm's vest.

Minor update to Falcon. Just added new web gear. This harness from jungle Duke is amazing. Works so well with so many different body types. C'mon Hasbro, give us a Battle Gear pack w extra web gear & weapons!! I'll buy a bunch!

Mercer (Mercenary) just because he's such a cool character. He's got a Marauder weapon designed as their version of the original Viper rifle. Works so much better than the Hasbro weapon. All my Cobra Viper's are equipped w Marauder weapons.

General Colton w web gear. this gear comes from Night Fox, the driver that came w an Awestriker and sort of comes with the Ninja Combat Cruiser. Works better for the General. Yippee-kia-yay!

Update to Airborne. I used version 2 of the Steel Brigade trooper and new weg gear from either Snake Eyes or Beach Head from one of the recent movie 3-packs. Added the 25th head and helmet and he looks great!

Ripcord? Yeah, sort of. Kind of a blah head from Renegades and he doesn't really work too well on this extra Stalker body. I think better web gear will work. Again, this harness is great, but with no paint apps, it is just a little boring. I need some paint to fix it up.

Agent Mouse just because he is such a well done figure. Great head sculpt too!

Retaliation 3-pack Beach Head with Steel Brigade vest. I like this figure as BH, but I would have liked a darker shade of green, more in line with original look. Maybe not quite as green, but a bit darker.

Roadblock because Roadblock is cool.

So who is this guy? How can he be Roadblock and still make use of previous Roadblock figure? Somebody needs a new code name.

Resolute Flint w Steel Brigade vest. Yes, I have a few Steel Brigade figures and I'll have to take pics of them with their current gear load-outs. This is my default Flint. The new movie version just doesn't say Flint to me. Wait and see with the Ultimate movie version.

Lady Jaye from the movie. Updated with the vest from wretched driver from NCC. Trimmed out the inside tab and it work pretty well on this torso.

Renegade Scarlett's head works great on Jaye's body also. Hell, it was Scarlett's body in the first place.

One of the comics introduced Dialtone as a female character. I never got the Club exclusive version of original character, so this custom becomes my Dialtone. A female Star Wars figure head on RoC Cover Girl's body. Sorry, CG, you needed a makeover.

Helix just because Helix is such a damn cool figure. I know people hate her because she's been portrayed as basically a female version of Snake Eyes as far as bad-ass combat skills. And I'm okay with that! Helix is one of my favorite figures from the RoC line, easily in top three and I don't even know who the other two would be right now!

Later, loyal reader(s)! 

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Dr Syn said...

There are some damn good part swaps and head on body combos here.

Is that the terrible 5pt of articulation Night Fox's vest on the Retaliation Lady Jaye bodied figures?

Goes to show you should always pick up doubles of these new bodies when you can.