Friday, May 14, 2010

Screaming Duke

The GI Joe team's First Sergeant has been a target of mixed opinions for years. Since Duke's first appearance back in 1983, he has been heroic at times and the subject of ridicule other times. Over 40 action figures later, he is still considered by some to be a laughing stock of the GI Joe world - c'mon, enough with all the multiple versions of Duke!

The Resolute version of Duke finally brought about some redemption for the poor guy. But this guy is destined for continued ridicule. What was meant to be a heroic yelling angry Duke looks almost laughable. He has either been kicked in the stones or needs a bit more fiber in his diet.

After recently picking up screaming Duke at Joelanta 2010, I'm going to pile on the abuse on this guy. Just too easy a target!

C'mon, Duke, it's just a little snake! Man up!

Would this be considered a negative side effect?

Duke's nightmares continue... Really? This is how he had to be portrayed in film? Really?

There is still hope for Duke, the Pursuit of Cobra version coming out later this year looks very cool!

But I'm still going to put screaming Duke through toy hell! Sorry, dude!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marauder Gun Runners - A Quick Review

July 22, 2014 - Some ass-hat named Jim Anton stole the first picture from this post and used in an article called "Guns, Goons, and Georgia." I'm not linking to it because Jim Anton is a thief. He states that you can buy these guns and carry them into "a church, bar, school, or library." No kidding, dumb-ass, they are toys! they can fit in your pocket! Jim Anton - you win the "Moron of the Week" award!

July 2, 2012 - This post still gets massive amounts of hits, day after day, week after week. People all across the world searching for guns. I'm sorry, I can't help you with your desire or need for weaponry, I'm only talking about toys guns here. Tiny toy guns. Big enough to fit in the hands of action figures. Leave a comment, Bitches!

Marauder "Gun Runners" is an essential part of any 1/18th scale figure collector. They create an amazing array of 1/18th scale accessories for action figures. I heard about them a couple years ago and finally ordered a couple different times, picking up an assortment of weapons and accessories. Amazing, amazing stuff! Incredible detail, ready to be painted if desired. Just really great work. Customer service is great at Marauder's as well! Quick shipment, a couple extras thrown in your order, just can't say enough good things about them!
Update - 07/02/2012 - That first gun is listed as the NVR on Marauder, Inc's website. It is their version of the assault rifle that came with the Cobra Viper. It is much superior to Hasbro's weapon.

 So I thought I would share a few thoughts about some of the weapons that I have purchased from Marauder's.

The above picture shows most of the types of guns that I have purchased (in multiples, of course). The names are directly from Marauder's. I know that first one is on there somewhere, just couldn't find it. Just a clarification, I don't know nothing much about guns, okay? I just know what I like and what I think looks cool!
What follows are just a few pictures of some of my GI Joe figures trying out their new Marauder weapons.
I used a Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes figure and a Star Wars Rebel pilot head to create my mysterious assassin armed with the 50 cal sniper rifle. I think they look good together!

Duke and Beach Head on patrol with the #1 gun. Can anybody out there help me out with the name of this gun? Cobra Troopers load up armed with the NCM assault rifle. Based on the Colonial Marines assault rifle from the movie "Aliens," this gun just works great with my Resolute Cobra Troopers.
Cobra Commander's personal body guards get the pulse rifle (#9). They deserve top notch firepower to protect the Commander.

Snake Eyes gets ready to break down a door and spray to room with his two SWAT mini K's (#6). Excellent weapons for everybody's fave GI Joe ninja.

Helix and a couple of her girls show off some of their new toys. Scarlett has the commando assault rifle (#14), Shira has the SWAT HK machine gun (#5), while Helix tries out the P90 PDW (#2).
And lastly (for now), Duke and two other Delta 6 commandos try out the Scar H Assault Rifle, very cool guns for these armored troops.
So that's a brief look at some of Marauder Gun Runner's work. I'll post some more pictures of some of the other types of guns.
If you need 1/18th scale weapons for your troops, Marauder's is the place to go!