Assorted Cobra Troops

I am going to begin with just a few of the different types of Cobra soldiers out there. Since I'm primarily collecting the newest style of GI Joe figures, I won't be visiting the ARAH era.

Cobra Troopers
Cobra troopers are the backbone of Cobra Commander's forces. Pulled from various sources around the world, with promises of glory and riches, they fight for Cobra Commander and often with each other. A blood-thirsty bunch, they are generally some of the nastiest people that Cobra can recruit. But once they spend a while as a Cobra grunt, they can use their skills and move into different branches of the Cobra military.
Tele-vipers usually are some of the more intelligent Cobra troopers. they are skilled in the use of various telecommunication devices and can often be quite skilled at hacking into computer networks. While being the "nerd" vipers, they can still be dangerous opponents, having already served as a Cobra trooper.

Cobra Vipers
Cobra Vipers are some of the most dangerous soldiers fighting for Cobra. Seasoned Cobra troopers outfitted with body armor and helmet, these Vipers are always formidable opponents. They are highly skilled and have undergone rigorous training to move from Cobra Trooper to Cobra Viper. Often, Vipers are quite content to remain where they are as Vipers. 
Techno Vipers
Techno Vipers can still be tough opponents, but they are often a much more valuable asset to Cobra forces. They have a wide variety of roles. They can be battlefield mechanics, getting vehicles back in service, or they can be combat engineers, destroying structures or bridging the impassable. Their skill sets make them much more valuable than their fighting abilities. But don't underestimate them!
Cobra Security
With the embarrassing legitimization of Cobra Industries by the US government, Cobra installations and research centers need security. These soldiers are generally pulled from the ranks of the Cobra troopers, or perhaps were recruited from "legitimate" security firms. After the initial Cobra indoctrination process and extensive training, Cobra Security troops are still a serious threat.
Alley Vipers are a dangerous group. Viper graduates who have moved on to urban combat assault troopers. These soldiers have enhanced body armor and helmets, bullet-proof shields and even nastier attitudes. They are very tough opponents to face.

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