Retaliation Ninja Dojo 3-Pack

The Retaliation Ninja Dojo 3-pack is the lesser of the two current 3 packs available at retail. Only if you are quick enough, because you'll probably have to wait 8 MONTHS to see them again! While the ninja showdown 3-pack was largely a hit, this set is mostly misses.

Let us begin.

Is this supposed to be tiger Force Roadblock? Night ops? 

Besides the totally different skin tone of this guy compared to the single carded figure, he's not too bad.
Oh wait, his head wobbles worse than a Weeble.
Oh good! A giant spring loaded missile launcher thing. And a massive mini-gun. And POC Jungle Duke's machine gun.

And what happened to Roadblock's goatee?

It's still there, just painted so lightly, that it is barely visible.

I really like the battle kata Roadblock more than this guy and did some hand swaps to improve him.

What is this loss? Kamakura? Really?

A sad sorry excuse for a cool character. A conglomeration of parts forced together to create Snake Eyes' apprentice and it just doesn't work.

A failure on so many levels. the web gear is cool. And the weapons.

But the figure?

"Kill me, kill me now."

Now we're talking! An excellent update to Beach Head. Wait, since when did Beach Head become a ninja? Don't know, don't care. Awesome figure. Well, almost.

This guy is the best of this set.
Hasbro used the POC Snake Eyes body, POC Beach Head's... head and new web gear for a new spin on everyone's favorite Ranger.

He also comes with a load of weapons. One drawback, I really don't like the colors of his weapons. I would have preferred black weapons rather than color coordinated weapons.

"Does this MP-5 go with my sweater?"

Hasbro did a great job with this version of Beach Head. I'm not totally thrilled with the light color of his uniform, but he works well enough.

The strength of this set lies primarily in this figure. Kamakura is a loss and the ninja Roadblock serves only as parts to upgrade the battle kata Roadblock.

I still recommend this set. Get it while you can, because you'll have to wait 8 MONTHS if you miss it!

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