Monday, July 15, 2013

Eaglehawk thoughts

This thing is so cool!

As a kid, I grew up with models. I built 1/72nd scale military vehicles, the legendary Prehistoric Scenes models (yes, I'm that old!), and various other film and fantasy models. Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Star Wars, Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica, the Black Hole, all sorts of stuff.

I think that's one of the reasons that I really liked the vehicles from the original small GI Joe line - you had to assemble a good chunk of the toy. Plus you got to put the stickers on yourself, according to the directions or on your own. 

I don't know what has happened lately. Toys come largely put together. Hell, models are a damn disgrace because they are usually pre-painted snap-fit kits. Not much skill involved there. Okay, yeah, not much skill in putting together the Eaglehawk either, but it's a toy, where models are supposed to involve some work to put them together.

I'm thrilled by the Eagelhawk and am really glad Hasbro added Tomahawk to the stickers rather than its new name. Good job, Hasbro! The construction was simple and fun; an easy build. The stickers weren't too bad. Not like the madness of the stickers for the new SkyStriker!

The new version of Lift Ticket is great, very much like a traditionally military uniform. The Airborne figure from the Tactical Ninja 3-pack with Mouse has the same body, so you can use him as a co-pilot. I've got Flint's head on there for now, mainly because the first movie figure of Flint is a wreck based on the body style that was used for him.

The new Tomahawk closely matches the vintage Tomahawk in size and details. The interior is very different with the new one. Stationary seats, lots of foot pegs. I don't get it on the foot pegs on the floor of the cabin. No one can stand up in it. With no restraints, it's tough to get figures stable in the cabin.

With the taller size of the new figures, the small size of the new Tomahawk is very noticeable. It just looks a bit too small.

Ultimately, I don't care. I think it's a damn fine update and am so glad to have it in my collection. Will I ever buy another? I don't really expect to. The SkyStriker showed up at Ross in limited numbers at a discount. I don't really like the idea of GI Joe toys headed back to Ross, especially with such a small retail/public presence. "Deth of teh line" and all that crap. 

If it shows up at Ross/Marshall's/TJ Maxx and I can get another? Yeah, I'll do it. An olive drab custom would rock!

New Cobra Blueshirts - STOP!

Lately, it seems like whenever I drive by a Dollar General store and go in, Cobra troopers are just waiting for me. I stopped by one and there were two troopers just hanging out, waiting for me to pick them up. I have been saying that I really didn't like the colors of these guys too much and that I wasn't going to buy anymore. 

Yeah, right... Plastic Crack

Okay, so I'll buy these and maybe sell them on eBay, right? Sure, no problem.

Four carded Cobra Blueshirts. I'll bet I could do pretty well with them on eBay. I checked and the prices weren't that bad. Nothing terribly exciting, but I could probably make a little bit of a profit.

Oh, to hell with it. Just open the damn things! Let's see, I've got three Flight Pods along with the two jet packs - these guys could be aerial troopers! yeah, that'll work!

Now I have six of these new Cobra Blueshirts. I am really going to make an effort to STOP right here. No more. I just need to stay out of Dollar General stores, right? At least until news of a legitimate wave 2 comes out from Hasbro. (please?)

The problem with these guys, like the Blackshirts, is that they don't come with any gear to fill the pistol holster and the knife scabbard. Marauder, Inc. to the rescue! The guys at Marauder came up with a set of gear designed for the figures that used these legs and didn't have any gear. The two versions of the Cobra trooper and the version 2 of the Steel Brigade figure are the only ones that I can think of right now.

The set comes with a .45 pistol, a knife, and a grenade that fits in the hole for the silencer. I ordered ten sets, six for my Blueshirts and four just to have some extras. I know, you are probably saying that I'm just going to go out and get more troopers. We'll see...

Now my Blueshirts are fully armed and ready for combat. I suppose this shade of blue is kind of growing on me...

Ninja Combat Cruiser - New Paint

Surprise, surprise! Target clearanced out their GI Joe product. I don't know what that means for the upcoming waves of new GI Joe figures, but for now it means that everything is clearance. I was able to pick up another NCC for just under $12.00. Not bad. I've seen some custom paint jobs around various websites and I thought I would give it a try.

Just a cheap can of flat black spray paint was all that I needed. After taking the body apart, I decided to keep the lower section its original gray. I thought that it would be a good contrast to the black upper body.

It was pretty easy to take apart. Eight screws in the bottom and a few more inside to remove the bumper and the dashboard. I sprayed the pieces with two coats and left them to dry overnight. 

Not bad! I don't think that there is anything that can be done to help this Night Fox driver figure. I'll salvage his head and vest and that's about it.

Just a quick side-by-side comparison against the original colors of the NCC. I wish Hasbro had gone with some better colors for it. The blue-ish color isn't too bad, but something more in the military green hues would have worked much better.

At first I was thinking that it would be a good ride for my GI Joe black ops team, but after considering my Cobra Blackshirts, I reconsidered. I think this is a better match.

This is just a quick shot with the Stinger (?) loaded up with Blackshirts. You can't see him in this picture, but Cobra Commander is in the back seat along for a ride.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Look what I got in the mail today! Didn't have time to do much more than open it up and gaze at it in wonder. Looking forward to getting it assembled in the morning!

I ordered it from Big Bad Toy Store. I've ordered stuff from them before and the service is excellent!

I paid more for it than I would have had at retail, but I just didn't feel like driving all around and hoping to score one. Two local Target stores are clearancing their GI Joe selection and Toys R Us has a very small section of Joe toys. If they are only putting out a case of two at a time, my chances of stumbling across one are slim. I can look at it as I paid extra due to shipping, or I paid extra and avoided burning gas and driving all over trying to find one. Well worth it! Thanks, BBTS!