Thursday, July 11, 2013


Look what I got in the mail today! Didn't have time to do much more than open it up and gaze at it in wonder. Looking forward to getting it assembled in the morning!

I ordered it from Big Bad Toy Store. I've ordered stuff from them before and the service is excellent!

I paid more for it than I would have had at retail, but I just didn't feel like driving all around and hoping to score one. Two local Target stores are clearancing their GI Joe selection and Toys R Us has a very small section of Joe toys. If they are only putting out a case of two at a time, my chances of stumbling across one are slim. I can look at it as I paid extra due to shipping, or I paid extra and avoided burning gas and driving all over trying to find one. Well worth it! Thanks, BBTS!

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Dr Syn said...

I got mine in the mail this week from my plastic crack dealer.

It's such a wonderful remake. And Lift Ticket... yeah he's just the Data Viper body with a new head, helmet and vest. But he's just so damn well done.

I appreciate the Helicopter being able to disassemble easily for storage back in it's box too.

Looking forward to more of your thoughts and a bunch of wonderful pictures of it in action.