Joelanta 2013 - Area 51

Every year, the crew behind Joelanta builds an enormous display that is the central component of the show. Since Joelanta's origins begin with the 1/6th scale GI Joe, the displays follow suit.

This year's primary display takes us to... Area 51!

From the reverse side, we see some secret rooms to the display. The left side features someone in their room overwhelmed with Area 51 memorabilia.
The other room is a surgical suite in which an alien autopsy appears to be beginning.

A closer look at the Area 51 fan's room.
Another look at the autopsy room.
The other side of the display reveals a group of curious bystanders looking at a crashed alien vehicle.
Two familiar "Men in Black" seem to be addressing the crowd and taking care of an unwelcome visitor.

How romantic! An Area 51 proposal!

Another smaller display at Joelanta featured an old gas station/general store with an unusual collection of clients!

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