Friday, December 31, 2010

I lied...

One last post...

I sincerely wish each and every loyal reader and random visitor a happy, prosperous and wonderful New Year.

Congratulations to planet Earth for another successful transit around the sun. Kick ass, big guy!

Oh yeah, leave me some comments? Maybe something "reasonably intelligent?"

Last Post of 2010 - Random Pictures

Have I mentioned that the Power Team line of vehicles and playsets are un-freakin'-believable? Seriously, these are some really cool items. I've picked up a little bird helicopter, a humvee and the battlefield playset.

The battlefield is a bombed out building with a bunch of extra stuff to go along with it. Oh, wait, the figures? They are kind of crappy. But that's okay, the vehicles kick some serious ass. Hasbro, take notice - PTE kicks yer butt in the quality low priced vehicle category.

So in general, the bombed out building is kind of goofy looking, but when photo'd and cropped, it looks pretty sweet! Plus a little mad Photoshop tweaking can make the pics a little better.

My custom Alley Vipers kicking the Power Team soldiers collective asses. Sorry, PTE dudes, just cannon fodder for me.

Sort of an overall shot of the Alley Viper assault. That's a Cobra Deviant mech to the left (w/o weapon arms - they're kind of stupid). Seriously, a grappling hook and a battering ram? C'mon, Cobra, step up!

Duke doesn't like you and would rather that you left immediately. I would recommend at least looking through the rest of the pictures and at least leaving some sort of reasonably intelligent (hah!) comment.

Beach Head is not to thrilled with you either and would appreciate (again) reasonably intelligent comments. I like this picture - good use of Photoshop tweaking.

Stalker has comments to share with you in regards to your mother. Hey, he said it, not me! Cool ass custom, very easy, kicks serious butt.

Roach (yeah, I stole the ID from Rick, but he started it with extra-ordinary awesome pictures) lays down some fire on some bad dudes.

General Hawk's movie noggin on a POC Beach Head body. Looks cool to me. A little more of a bad-ass now. Col. Quaid, kick-butt field commander of the Joe team.

Helix doesn't like the look of your face and would like you to go away. But leave some reasonably intelligent (there it is again!) comments. Please? Validate me?

Zartan doesn't like you either.

Destro and some of his best buds, plus some Elite Vipers inside the building. They belong to Destro now. Only because I said so.

The Baroness and some body guards. Who is guarding who? Or is that whom? I don't care. She'll kick your ass and make you like it.

Okay, so much with G.I. Joe toys. Dengar doesn't like you and would like to claim the bounty on your head. What do you mean, you don't have a bounty on your head? Watch your back.

Bossk is a nice guy, tho. He says, "Yo, Hommie! Sup? C'mon in and I'll try not to tear out your mammalian throat!" Really, he's a nice guy. Trust him. Kick-ass figure.

Peek-a-boo! I'm here to devour your children!

So, I guess that's it for 2010. Just random pictures with a pretty cool Power Team playset and a random selection of detailed military figurines (okay, they're toyz!). And some silly random comments. If I offend anyone, leave me some reasonably intelligent comments!!! PLEASE!?!?!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Random Pictures


Tossing the Silver Surfer around

Even Thor is no match for Thanos!

Going over final details of the mission.

Boldly go!

Rebel pilot & faithful astromech droid.

Clone troopers!

Barbarian Hulk!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Resolute Cobra Troopers - Part 3

More Resolute Cobra Trooper pictures.

My seven blue troops, loaded and ready for combat.

The Black Widow kicks some trooper butt!

Group portrait of all of my troopers.

"I really hate these things."
And one BAT turns its head to watch the troopers pass.

G.I. Joe intruder on the premises. "I don't care who he is! Find him!"

"We have his sword, he won't get away!"

Snake Eyes knows that 14 against 1 is far too great of odds. Survival and escape is essential.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Resolute Cobra Troopers - Part 2

Here is my next set of Resolute Cobra Trooper pictures.

Starting off with three of the red Cobra Troopers. Something about the red troops just didn't quite look right to me, so I changed them! These guys are armed with weapons from Marauder "Gun Runners", my favorite 1/18th weapon dealers! Two of these guys are wearing goggles from the Desert Viper figures.

Blue troops rushing past a printed background - whatever works! Armed with the "NCM" rifle from Marauders.

Cobra troops load up in the RHINO. Sorry, GI Joe, the blue of this vehicle looks too good with the Cobra troops!

Cobra Commander reviews the upcoming mission with his best soldiers.

Another shot with Cobra Commander and some of his soldiers. The blue troop is the "officer", he is wearing the vest from the TRU exclusive Firefly figure from the ROC line and the Red Fang Ninja head. The next two red troops have Night Creeper heads w/o the cloth "thingy". These guys are CC's bodyguards. The gray troop is actually the body from the TRU ROC Firefly with a blue trooper's head and an ATST driver helmet.

This is an older picture - pre-goggles. The Commander again with his troops. These are pre-goggles. Soon, I will be adding the goggles from the Para-Vipers and the Desert Vipers.

I actually took my toys outside and "played" with them in the dirt! Well, sort of... Just posed them and took pictures...

More pictures of the Resolute Cobra Troopers coming soon!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Resolute Cobra Troopers - Part 1

Okay, just to get my nerdiness out of the way - I think that the Resolute Cobra trooper is one of the best Cobra troop builders that Hasbro has ever put out. They just frikkin' rock. Yeah, there are a couple issues - the legs and tiny feet make for difficult standing at times - but I still don't care. They kick butt!

So I'm going to crank out a few posts highlighting some of my many pictures of my Resolute troops. I've only got 7 blue troops and 6 red troops, but I think that I have made the most of them. Would I like more? Sure! Loads more! Will I ever get any more? We'll see - Joelanta 2011 is on the way!

With seven pictures per post, I've narrowed it down to four new posts. I wonder if I can get them all posted before next Monday?

So let's roll!

Resolute Duke and my first Resolute trooper. Reso Duke is a bad ass, more of a bad ass than the Cobra troop. Just one, need more!

Up to two Resolute troopers. These guys look good in groups!

I don't know how many I have at this point, maybe I'm up to my seven troops. I built this Lego hallway to use with my figures. Lego has amazing uses - works with my Joe figures! Duke has some trouble ahead of him right around the corner.

A side view of the Lego hallway. Pretty cool set!

Here's a shot with most of my troops. I think this is before Joelanta 2010 and my two additional red troops. Plus my favorite version of the Resolute Cobra Commander - I prefer the black version over the blue version.

Helix gets a chance to travel down the hall. Helix is one of the shining stars of the movie line of figures. Awesome!

"Just put a bullet in his brain and let's get this mess cleaned up."

The last picture for this post is from a "Fatality" theme at The object was to "kill off" some characters - have them meet their end. I guess it's fitting - starting off this post with Duke taking out a Cobra troop and he finally meets his end at the hands of a bunch of them.

Pursuit of Cobra Alley Vipers

While the new POC Alley Vipers are excellent figures, I decided to try a little different spin on them. I've always thought of the red Resolute Cobra Troopers as kind of blah, not nearly as cool as the blue versions. I wondered what the Alley Viper gear would look like on the red trooper.

So I gave it a try and really liked the result. To the left is the red trooper with the Alley Viper gear followed by the regular Alley Viper. Next is a red troop with the standard helmet and then a regularly geared up red troop.

I'm hooked. Most of my red Resolute troopers get the make over and I think they look better than the original. Better than a standard red trooper and they make a better Alley Viper. The head on the original is a bit unrealistically small and the full helmet doesn't really fit very well - too loose.

Just much better to me.

A bit "loud" with all the red, but then the original Alley Viper was bright orange!

The gear-less original Alley Viper bodies were not destined for the spare parts bin. I used the secondary black helmet and a Pit Trooper vest and turned them into some pretty decent looking Cobra troops. Don't know what sort of "viper" they can be named, but they still look pretty slick.