Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Resolute Cobra Troopers - Part 1

Okay, just to get my nerdiness out of the way - I think that the Resolute Cobra trooper is one of the best Cobra troop builders that Hasbro has ever put out. They just frikkin' rock. Yeah, there are a couple issues - the legs and tiny feet make for difficult standing at times - but I still don't care. They kick butt!

So I'm going to crank out a few posts highlighting some of my many pictures of my Resolute troops. I've only got 7 blue troops and 6 red troops, but I think that I have made the most of them. Would I like more? Sure! Loads more! Will I ever get any more? We'll see - Joelanta 2011 is on the way!

With seven pictures per post, I've narrowed it down to four new posts. I wonder if I can get them all posted before next Monday?

So let's roll!

Resolute Duke and my first Resolute trooper. Reso Duke is a bad ass, more of a bad ass than the Cobra troop. Just one, need more!

Up to two Resolute troopers. These guys look good in groups!

I don't know how many I have at this point, maybe I'm up to my seven troops. I built this Lego hallway to use with my figures. Lego has amazing uses - works with my Joe figures! Duke has some trouble ahead of him right around the corner.

A side view of the Lego hallway. Pretty cool set!

Here's a shot with most of my troops. I think this is before Joelanta 2010 and my two additional red troops. Plus my favorite version of the Resolute Cobra Commander - I prefer the black version over the blue version.

Helix gets a chance to travel down the hall. Helix is one of the shining stars of the movie line of figures. Awesome!

"Just put a bullet in his brain and let's get this mess cleaned up."

The last picture for this post is from a "Fatality" theme at The object was to "kill off" some characters - have them meet their end. I guess it's fitting - starting off this post with Duke taking out a Cobra troop and he finally meets his end at the hands of a bunch of them.

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