Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just random pictures...

Getting in a little photo time between grading student papers and honey-do list.

Cobra troopers on patrol. these guys are so cool! Want many, many more, but will be satisfied with the ones I have!

Duke gets dropped off for a solo mission. The Little Bird from PTE is excellent - great price, too!

Spirit/Billy gets spooked by something. Many of the new Pursuit of Cobra figures have some serious influence from Predator. No complaints from me!

Yeah, something was out there. Daemonite from Playmates Wildstorm toy line from the 90's?

Duke gets a "Solid Snake" make over. Easy, easy custom!

Hulkbuster Iron Man busts up some BATs!

The extra head from the new Zartan figure makes for a cool new Joe character!


Anonymous said...

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Tom said...

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