Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pursuit of Cobra Alley Vipers

While the new POC Alley Vipers are excellent figures, I decided to try a little different spin on them. I've always thought of the red Resolute Cobra Troopers as kind of blah, not nearly as cool as the blue versions. I wondered what the Alley Viper gear would look like on the red trooper.

So I gave it a try and really liked the result. To the left is the red trooper with the Alley Viper gear followed by the regular Alley Viper. Next is a red troop with the standard helmet and then a regularly geared up red troop.

I'm hooked. Most of my red Resolute troopers get the make over and I think they look better than the original. Better than a standard red trooper and they make a better Alley Viper. The head on the original is a bit unrealistically small and the full helmet doesn't really fit very well - too loose.

Just much better to me.

A bit "loud" with all the red, but then the original Alley Viper was bright orange!

The gear-less original Alley Viper bodies were not destined for the spare parts bin. I used the secondary black helmet and a Pit Trooper vest and turned them into some pretty decent looking Cobra troops. Don't know what sort of "viper" they can be named, but they still look pretty slick.

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