Mercer leaves Cobra

Just a few comments for each picture...

After dispatching a lone trooper, Mercer downloads some important data to a portable storage unit. 
He knows that his time is short and he must leave very soon! 
Using his helmet, he pounds on the laptop to disable it.
Two patrolling Vipers attempt to stop Mercer.  
A quick grab and spin sends Mercer's helmet toward the two Vipers.
Hitting the first Viper buys Mercer some precious seconds. 
He opens fire on the two Vipers.
Both Vipers take a chest full of armor piercing rounds. 
He checks and confirms that both Vipers are dead.
A quick boot stomp on the laptop will help cover his electronic footprint.
Time to leave. Maybe he can make it to the docks. there is a Moray being serviced at the repair bay.
Another obstacle - two red ninjas at the end of the hall. 
Full auto against swords wins almost every time.
As the base becomes alerted to his actions, Mercer comes across an Alley Viper on patrol. A rifle butt to the back of the neck gives Mercer a new resource for new gear and a fully loaded weapon.
Time to go and ready to make it to the Moray dock.

Now if only I still had a Moray, i could complete this story!

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Great story and picks! Really enjoying your website