Marauder Inc Wave 6 Pictures and Thoughts

So let's move along with the pics, shall we?
 The Retaliation GI Joe trooper will be helping out with the look at the weapons. He's my newest Joe, so why not?
Sniper rifle - very cool! Awesome attention to detail. I definitely recommend gluing the scope to the rifle. I have yet to really try it with Lowlight. Lowlight is such a cool character, but he's a bit too bulky for a great grip on a sniper rifle. I need some help or suggestions with Lowlight.
The flame thrower, inspired by the weapon from Aliens. very cool! the fuel tank is a nice snug fit. So how does it look with the ACM rifle?
Not bad, I guess I need some 1/18th scale duct tape to strap them together. I'll need to watch Aliens again to see how Ripley does it. 
Nice big machine gun. Rock n Roll needs this. Everything else that he has come with has been too big. This is so much better.
Desert Eagle - when you absolutely, positively need your enemy to stay down. Nice! Looks great in RoadRock's hand as well!
A Glock with an extended clip. Extra bullets to stop more zombie vipers.
I don't know what this is, but I like it! Very cool! Hasbro made one for the last Dusty figure. I like it!
A better shot of this awesome weapon! 
is this the AKM? The modern update to the AK-47? If so, it's very cool! I need more for my Cobra forces. They need upgrades from their AK's.
Don't remember what this is, but i like it! I think this one is going to belong to the trooper. I like the weapons that he comes with, but this just works so much better.
Based on a Chinese weapon? Not bad, not a favorite. Bullpup style weapons always seem a bit awkward in the arms of a figure.
The old style German machine gun. Very cool, but not for me. Modern weapons please!
The auto shotgun. Flint needed to step in for this one.
"Back off, ya punk kid. This weapon needs a real man!"
Flint approves!

Marauder Inc also has a bunch of extra bits and pieces with this new assortment - different scopes, grips, and other add ons. Plus there's a pretty slick shuriken as well. I highly recommend virtually everything at Marauder Inc. If you need weapons for your 1/18th scale figures, Marauder Inc is the place to go!

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