The Corruption of Thomas Stall

Just a few pictures with some ideas on how Thomas Stall becomes Black Out.
General Hawk chews out Stall. "You are going down for this screw up. Stall. Men have died because of your incompetence. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I think I blacked out," was Stall's weak response.
Lifeline works on the surviving soldier. It doesn't look good. He's not going to make it.
Sgt Stone talks with the Steel Brigade commander about Stall.
"This punk really screwed up this mission. Everything we can determine falls back to Stall's responsibility."
Doc verifies the condition of another soldier.
Two Steel Brigade troops prepare to take care of another dead soldier.
Just a bigger shot of the scene.
"Stall, I don't know how your sorry ass made it into my team."
"Dwight let me down. He's the one that let this happen. It's not my fault," thinks Thomas Stall, unconcerned about Hawk's comments.
What a mess.
Much later... Stall was recovered by Cobra during a prison break. Cobra Commander has seen his potential and has offered him a place in Cobra. The Baroness brings him to the place of his downfall.
Scrap Iron is along with the security detail.
"This is the place of your rebirth, Thomas... Embrace your future with Cobra," whispers the Baroness.
"That bitch is evil," thinks Scrap Iron.
"Call me Black Out, Ma'am"
A new threat emerges.

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