Lazy Boy Customs

I'm all about the easy custom job. I would love to do some detailed painting work, but I'm lazy and my near vision is for crap these days. Plus I need some paints!
So just a few comments about each picture.
While the Renegades Firefly is a really nice figure, I actually prefer the comic pack Firefly as my default Firefly. I've seen a really nice easy custom with this body on For my two customs, I used a standard Cobra trooper head w/ Mutt's helmet and the Alley Viper head from the driver figure from that ridiculous Cobra Fury vehicle.
This is my first attempt at a custom Blackout figure. I picked up a loose Blackout figure at Joelanta 2012 only for the head. A little chop and an easy drill out of the head and he can now work on the new body style. I've used a Shock Trooper body as the base and the Resolute Firefly vest for gear. Almost, but not quite.
I'm trying to jazz up Major Bludd, but really can't come up with a decent body. So maybe just add a vest or web gear? I've added the POC Firefly vest. I like the look, but the gray clashes too much with the overall brown of Bludd's uniform. maybe a black paint wash on the vest?
Just some head swaps. Matt Trakker's head on ROC Destro's body and he now works for Cobra. The other guy is the head from the aqua-viper (whatever) from the Cobra Mantis sub. I think that's what it is called. I was surprised Hasbro used an unmasked face for a troop figure. I'm also using a ridiculous move Stormshadow body as the base. Odd camo pattern! Maybe this guy is now a sniper for Cobra.
Voodoo! A really quick easy custom, Shadow Tracker's head and vest with Night Adder's body. An improvement to both characters!
The base body for this POC Snake Eyes is just frikkin' amazing. So why not make a covert ops team? From left to right, not including Snakes - movie version of Shipwreck, POC Stalker, and Icestorm (?) for the "exclusive" Ross released polar sub.
As I was taking these pics, I stumbled across my spare Stalker body. Hmm - maybe with Blackout's head? I like it. Maybe better than the previous version above. What do you think? Leave me a comment! Please?!
Just a qucik sample of my Cobra Troopers. I added MARS web gear or the gear from the Fury driver. Plus a quick Tele-Viper head swap and a better look for the Cobra communications trooper. All my troopers have goggles as well. The goggles just add a little extra that really makes the figures pop a little more.
An easy Scrap Iron custom. This guy was always so blah to me. I saw this simple custom again on and it was easy enough for me! A Shock Trooper body and Scrap Iron's head and vest. A great 30th style update to that weak 25th body!
Mad scientists! Mindbender's head on the white lab coated Dr "Rex". The other guys use the more standard Dr Rex body - Renegade Cobra Commander's alt head, a Star Wars pilot head (my Dr. Venom!), and the original mangled face Rex head. I think I have another five black lab coat dudes with different heads. Dr. Mindbender's staff is loaded with amoral mad men. 
Cobra Commander's top military commanders, Tomax and Xamot - sans the ridiculous circus outfits. Yeah, these capes and skirts are not ridiculous? Better than the original versions!
Cobra Commander and his "woman". Movie Baroness body with movie Flash's gimp head. Evil saucy bitch! Movie Cobra Commander body, the Dr's neck piece, and a standard helmet-less CC head from a Resolute CC. Sort of like the IDW CC before he took a bullet in the head. But not my CC!
Just a little work on the awesome Resolute Cobra Troopers. Goggles from either Shock troopers or Sand Vipers. The squad leader has the movie TRU Firefly's vest and a carved out belt from the original Blackout figure. These guys are bad ass!
Some sort of Cobra covert ops troops. Alley Viper base bodies with Beach Head helmets and Pit Trooper vests. Hey, how about Fast Attack Recon Troopers? Cobra FARTs?
I used the money bags Destro body as a base. Recondo's head and a Neo-viper head create new versions of HEAT vipers. Sounds good to me!
Simple head and gear swaps with the POC Jungle Duke body. Beach Head doesn't always have to wear that stinky mask, does he? And Outback looks much better w/o his plain white t-shirt!
The base POC Beach Head body is pretty cool, but that vest just added so much bulk to the bodies. Various other bits of gear along with an extra Airborne head along with the movie Hawk and Breaker heads makes for a nice little team.
The center guy is the dude from the Built to Rule line. I can never remember his name. Basically an update to Rock n Roll using a Resolute Duke body. The other two use the POC General Hawk body as a base with Sgt Stone's head on one and the original 25th Snowjob's head glued into Hawk's helmet.
Three more easy customs. Mirage using Skydive's body and Duke's head from the boxed Resolute set. Gator using POC Snowjob's head, Recondo's body, and Night Fox's web gear. Roach using Sandstorm's head from POC Zartan, Z's gear, and Resolute Beach Head's body.
And don't forget the ladies of GI Joe! Marvel Black Widow head and gear on a movie Scarlett body, Kitty Pryde's head on Lady Jaye's body, movie Scarlett head on Resolute Scarlett's body, and Cheetara's head on a Helix body.

LBC are so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi,How Did You Remove Cheetara's Head?

JD said...

Cobra FARTs!! hahahahahah! Tom, you rule