Wednesday, June 16, 2010

G.I. Joe: Resolute Duke - another look

I find it interesting to look at my live traffic feed and see where people are coming from. Sometimes, some of the posts that I have done become a featured topic in a Joe related forum. A picture of the un-produced Baroness 1/6th figure was recently featured in a thread on

A post of mine about customizing Power Team head sculpts to work with Hasbro bodies was featured in the forums on Cool stuff! My blog actually gets some readers once in a while!

Now if only folks would leave comments - and not the random "selling shoes to make money" or pharmaceutical spam comments - real comments! I get a few, but not much. Even poor random bloggers like me need validation once in a while!


Sometimes I get hits from people who search for Resolute Duke. What's really cool about that is that my humble, sad little blog is #2 on when searching for "resolute duke."

Now that's cool!

So up top there is my 1/6th scale Resolute Duke with a minor update to his uniform.

This is my original version -

Similar enough to the 3 3/4" version, but still needing work.

I found a thin black pull-over and a light brown t-shirt that seemed to work a little better for lil' Duke's uniform.

Looks better! Now I need to keep an eye out for a vest/combat harness that is closer to the small version.

Duke and Duke agree! The XM-8 is a great weapon!

Hey, maybe I'll get bumped to Google's #1 spot in the search for Resolute Duke!