Cobra Blackshirts

When I first heard about the dollar store exclusive figures a while back, only one figure really caught my eye - the Cobra Trooper in a black uniform. 

The others that made up the set of six figures included Cobra Commander (blah), Snake Eyes (meh), Duke (yeah, right), Shipwreck (not too bad), and Stormshadow (sweet!).

The Cobra Trooper was nearly the same as the POC/30th Cobra Trooper with just a few differences. This trooper came with his helmet, black officer web gear, an AK-47, and a stand. Sadly, there were no pistol or knife included to fill in his empty holsters. Fortunately, Marauder Inc had a solution available for a while, a knife, pistol, and grenade. Hope they get back in stock on these Fix It sets!

After I saw these first pictures of the black uniform Cobra Trooper, I jokingly tweeted or commented "Yeah, I'm going to need a dozen."

Well, it took a while. Patience and a trade allowed me to gather my dozen Cobra Blackshirts. Any additional troops that I find will be bought and sent along to fellow Joe-buds, especially those without a nearby Dollar General store.
I did make a few adjustments to them. Of course, they had to get pistols and knives for their leg holsters. Some of my Blue-shirts are missing knives for now.
I also swapped their gray knee pads with black knee pads from the Blue-shirts.
They also surrendered their AK's to their blue-clad brethren and picked up the Shock Trooper's assault rifles. Throw on the small black ruck sacks from the Resolute troopers and they're done!
They also seem to work well as the Baroness' personal troops.

Hey, watch the hands, Baroness! Don't get too personal!

Yes, this is enough!

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Scott said...

for what it is worth, from an anonymous commenter, the black DG cobra trooper is one of the most useful modern era figures ever produced. What you did with them is great, but they are very useful.