Joelanta 2013 - Customs

Usually Joelanta has a decent collection of custom dios and figures to share with the public. Not so much this year. They were a little light on the custom work this year.

I really need to get involved with this aspect of Joelanta. Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the brand GI Joe. I should take part in the custom contest!

The Horse Soldiers... Get it?

Rick Grimes

Is this a character from Hellboy? I think so. Don't remember his name.

This is a really cool display. A dad with his kids in their room. It looks like one of them may be signing up to be a member of a GI Joe club.

A custom Bob Ross? 

How awesome is this?
Back to dad and his kids.

Rick Grimes encounters the zombies of the band that played at Joelanta Saturday night festivities.
An arctic explorer encounters a fierce arctic beast!

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