Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joelanta 2012 - Cosplay!

Just one more picture tonight...
He even captured the right "nose picker" vintage grip!
Excellent GI Joe cosplay!

Joelanta 2012 - Part 3c

Okay, one last post for the day. This will be the rest of my pictures of some of the various dealer booths at Joelanta 2012.

A bucket o' fun! The amount of vintage O-ring figures that could be found at Joelanta was amazing, some nice and fairly minty fresh and some dumped in tubs like this.
Still an amazing sight to see.

Carded GI Joe goodness and the Night Force APC - whatever it's name is.

Carded Joes - made a deal with this dealer and both of us came out happy!
Thanks, Mike!

GI Joe and Action Force boxed items - cool!

It still amazes me to still see these boxed GI Joe/Action Force items.
Some of these are 30 years old!
Okay, if I win the lottery tonight - watch out Joelanta 2013 dealers -
I'm gonna be on a shopping spree!

Joelanta 2012 - Part 3b

More amazing items at Joelanta 2012. A visual feast of GI Joe goodness!

Great boxed GI Joe items!

Check out that Night Raven! Cool!

Need some Big Jim items? Joelanta has that, too!

See that up there on the top shelf? That's a MIB mail-order Killer Whale and I think there's another behind it. Just $500.00, that's all he's asking. Yeah, that's a killer price, too. A deal killer!

The bridge layer - one of my fave Joe vehicles. Listen to Flag Points #19 and find out the reason why! The first person to post in my comments about how I got my bridge layer wins a prize!
Hmm.. what prize? I'll have to check my stuff!

Nice! A Killer Whale for $125.00. Complete? Don't know, I'm good with mine.

this 1/6th scaled beauty sold! Amazing detailing on this Bradley.

More o-ring Joes!

The Tomahawk - always awesome!

Even the new BBTS exclusive sets were up for sale!

One more update on the amazing dealer items - but you'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Joelanta 2012 - Part 3a

The stuff! Well, some of the stuff. I'll have to split this into a couple different posts because of the amount of pictures that I took. Just gaze through the awesome wonder of this stuff that could be found at Joelanta 2012.

I think this Terror Drome did sell, tough to tell how complete it is.
Damn, I wish that I hadn't sold mine a couple years ago!

Sweet, sweet GI Joe vehicles!
See that Wolverine w/ Cover Girl & tow cable? $50.00 and it's yours!

This guy's set up was amazing. Plastic sorting bins just smack full of wonderful GI Joe bits and pieces!

Any treasure to be found in this tub? Maybe!

I have never seen this before - pretty cool!

Shelves loaded with cool stuff. hey, there's Voltron!

Loose o-ring Joes - ready for new homes!

Skystriker goodness!

The classic, vintage GI Joe Adventure Team Headquarters. I remember mine! My Joe's started off many missions from this command center.

Wait - one still in the box? Sweet!

And a Seawolf submarine still in the box with the original price sticker - $12.94 at Lionel.

I mainly looked at the items in the dealer room - just window shopping and nostalgia. Another great part of going to Joelanta!

Monday, March 26, 2012

GI Joe Podcasts are a wonderful thing!

Always! And now there are three exclusive GI Joe podcasts!
Plus other geek related podcasts that feature GI Joe at times. I'll update my list on my side bar later. Good night!

Joelanta 2012 - Part 2

Now I don't get to the yearly national GI Joe convention. I wish I could, but it never seems to work out. I did make it to the national shoe here in Atlanta a few years ago, but we were in the midst of a serious debt-snowball and it was only for a few hours. Barely counted.

Therefore, Joelanta is my Joe-con. It's local and I get to go every year. The guys that put together the Joelanta show are just some of the nicest guys that you could ever hope to meet. They love the hobby for what it was and what it has become over the 45+ year existence of the brand.

And the dealers and crowds are always just the coolest group of folks. Some dealers will work out a deal with you on that piece that you desperately need for your collection. And then some dealers have those items that you just stare at and just wish you could get. Or even worse, something that you wish that you still had! (Like me!)

I really don't know how to caption all the pictures that I have posted. I just hope that I can convey the incredible sense of fun that can be had at Joelanta - heck, probably any gathering of GI Joe fans.

There is always so much to see at this show. I can't imagine what the national show is like. And that's okay, because Joelanta is my Joe-con!

Joelanta 2012 - Part 1

Joelanta is a regional GI Joe/Toy show that has been running since 2001. It's largely a show for and by the 12" GI Joe collector, but has grown to embrace all eras and concepts of GI Joe. Except Extreme - no GI Joe collector speaks of that mess.

No matter what type of GI Joe you collect, these pictures are ultimately what GI Joe is all about. Doesn't matter - the original GI Joe, Super Joe, Real American Hero, Sgt Savage, Sigma 6, 25th Anniversary ARAH, Rise of Cobra, Pursuit of Cobra, and Retaliation - it's all G.I. Joe.

This is G.I. Joe - two kids, playing in a hotel hallway with their new GI Joe finds. No video games, no iPods, no flashy light up things - just good old imagination.

This is the essence of GI Joe.

This is just part 1 of my coverage of Joelanta 2012. Hopefully I'll get all my updates before Joelanta 2013!
You can also check out the Joelanta Facebook page!