Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joelanta 2012 - Part 3b

More amazing items at Joelanta 2012. A visual feast of GI Joe goodness!

Great boxed GI Joe items!

Check out that Night Raven! Cool!

Need some Big Jim items? Joelanta has that, too!

See that up there on the top shelf? That's a MIB mail-order Killer Whale and I think there's another behind it. Just $500.00, that's all he's asking. Yeah, that's a killer price, too. A deal killer!

The bridge layer - one of my fave Joe vehicles. Listen to Flag Points #19 and find out the reason why! The first person to post in my comments about how I got my bridge layer wins a prize!
Hmm.. what prize? I'll have to check my stuff!

Nice! A Killer Whale for $125.00. Complete? Don't know, I'm good with mine.

this 1/6th scaled beauty sold! Amazing detailing on this Bradley.

More o-ring Joes!

The Tomahawk - always awesome!

Even the new BBTS exclusive sets were up for sale!

One more update on the amazing dealer items - but you'll have to wait until tomorrow!

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Your Wife got it for your birthday when she was still your girlfriend :)