Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joelanta 2012 - Part 3c

Okay, one last post for the day. This will be the rest of my pictures of some of the various dealer booths at Joelanta 2012.

A bucket o' fun! The amount of vintage O-ring figures that could be found at Joelanta was amazing, some nice and fairly minty fresh and some dumped in tubs like this.
Still an amazing sight to see.

Carded GI Joe goodness and the Night Force APC - whatever it's name is.

Carded Joes - made a deal with this dealer and both of us came out happy!
Thanks, Mike!

GI Joe and Action Force boxed items - cool!

It still amazes me to still see these boxed GI Joe/Action Force items.
Some of these are 30 years old!
Okay, if I win the lottery tonight - watch out Joelanta 2013 dealers -
I'm gonna be on a shopping spree!

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