Monday, March 26, 2012

Joelanta 2012 - Part 2

Now I don't get to the yearly national GI Joe convention. I wish I could, but it never seems to work out. I did make it to the national shoe here in Atlanta a few years ago, but we were in the midst of a serious debt-snowball and it was only for a few hours. Barely counted.

Therefore, Joelanta is my Joe-con. It's local and I get to go every year. The guys that put together the Joelanta show are just some of the nicest guys that you could ever hope to meet. They love the hobby for what it was and what it has become over the 45+ year existence of the brand.

And the dealers and crowds are always just the coolest group of folks. Some dealers will work out a deal with you on that piece that you desperately need for your collection. And then some dealers have those items that you just stare at and just wish you could get. Or even worse, something that you wish that you still had! (Like me!)

I really don't know how to caption all the pictures that I have posted. I just hope that I can convey the incredible sense of fun that can be had at Joelanta - heck, probably any gathering of GI Joe fans.

There is always so much to see at this show. I can't imagine what the national show is like. And that's okay, because Joelanta is my Joe-con!

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