Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joelanta 2012 - Part 3a

The stuff! Well, some of the stuff. I'll have to split this into a couple different posts because of the amount of pictures that I took. Just gaze through the awesome wonder of this stuff that could be found at Joelanta 2012.

I think this Terror Drome did sell, tough to tell how complete it is.
Damn, I wish that I hadn't sold mine a couple years ago!

Sweet, sweet GI Joe vehicles!
See that Wolverine w/ Cover Girl & tow cable? $50.00 and it's yours!

This guy's set up was amazing. Plastic sorting bins just smack full of wonderful GI Joe bits and pieces!

Any treasure to be found in this tub? Maybe!

I have never seen this before - pretty cool!

Shelves loaded with cool stuff. hey, there's Voltron!

Loose o-ring Joes - ready for new homes!

Skystriker goodness!

The classic, vintage GI Joe Adventure Team Headquarters. I remember mine! My Joe's started off many missions from this command center.

Wait - one still in the box? Sweet!

And a Seawolf submarine still in the box with the original price sticker - $12.94 at Lionel.

I mainly looked at the items in the dealer room - just window shopping and nostalgia. Another great part of going to Joelanta!

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