Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010 - Random Pictures

Have I mentioned that the Power Team line of vehicles and playsets are un-freakin'-believable? Seriously, these are some really cool items. I've picked up a little bird helicopter, a humvee and the battlefield playset.

The battlefield is a bombed out building with a bunch of extra stuff to go along with it. Oh, wait, the figures? They are kind of crappy. But that's okay, the vehicles kick some serious ass. Hasbro, take notice - PTE kicks yer butt in the quality low priced vehicle category.

So in general, the bombed out building is kind of goofy looking, but when photo'd and cropped, it looks pretty sweet! Plus a little mad Photoshop tweaking can make the pics a little better.

My custom Alley Vipers kicking the Power Team soldiers collective asses. Sorry, PTE dudes, just cannon fodder for me.

Sort of an overall shot of the Alley Viper assault. That's a Cobra Deviant mech to the left (w/o weapon arms - they're kind of stupid). Seriously, a grappling hook and a battering ram? C'mon, Cobra, step up!

Duke doesn't like you and would rather that you left immediately. I would recommend at least looking through the rest of the pictures and at least leaving some sort of reasonably intelligent (hah!) comment.

Beach Head is not to thrilled with you either and would appreciate (again) reasonably intelligent comments. I like this picture - good use of Photoshop tweaking.

Stalker has comments to share with you in regards to your mother. Hey, he said it, not me! Cool ass custom, very easy, kicks serious butt.

Roach (yeah, I stole the ID from Rick, but he started it with extra-ordinary awesome pictures) lays down some fire on some bad dudes.

General Hawk's movie noggin on a POC Beach Head body. Looks cool to me. A little more of a bad-ass now. Col. Quaid, kick-butt field commander of the Joe team.

Helix doesn't like the look of your face and would like you to go away. But leave some reasonably intelligent (there it is again!) comments. Please? Validate me?

Zartan doesn't like you either.

Destro and some of his best buds, plus some Elite Vipers inside the building. They belong to Destro now. Only because I said so.

The Baroness and some body guards. Who is guarding who? Or is that whom? I don't care. She'll kick your ass and make you like it.

Okay, so much with G.I. Joe toys. Dengar doesn't like you and would like to claim the bounty on your head. What do you mean, you don't have a bounty on your head? Watch your back.

Bossk is a nice guy, tho. He says, "Yo, Hommie! Sup? C'mon in and I'll try not to tear out your mammalian throat!" Really, he's a nice guy. Trust him. Kick-ass figure.

Peek-a-boo! I'm here to devour your children!

So, I guess that's it for 2010. Just random pictures with a pretty cool Power Team playset and a random selection of detailed military figurines (okay, they're toyz!). And some silly random comments. If I offend anyone, leave me some reasonably intelligent comments!!! PLEASE!?!?!

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