Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A New Purpose

When I first saw pictures of the running changes to the DG Cobra troopers, I wasn't very impressed. The blue used for the uniform was just a little too bright for me.

I still planned on buying at least a couple. Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon my second. Maybe they could be officers or CoCo's bodyguards. I really couldn't come up with a decent purpose for these bright blue uniforms. 

Until I found my two Cobra jet-packs from those horrid 25th Jet-pack troopers. The colors turned out to be a decent match. Two troopers + two jet-packs = enough for me. 

Close enough! I like them and that's all that really matters. 

Now if I can just stay true and not buy anymore. 

1 comment:

Dr Syn said...

Hmmm, not a bad fit. If only those Jet Pack helmets that are the recasts of those comic pack gasmasked head troopers fit on this Masked head.