Friday, June 14, 2013

Just some random pictures...

 I've been itching to get back into some action figure photography. since the recent move, I've been slammed with various DIY projects for the new place and the other house in getting it ready to sell. I took a few minutes to set up this small display so I could at least have an environment in which to take a picture or two as inspiration hits me. I just wanted a background beyond just a plain blank background.
 Here is my updated Duke figure. I really like the Renegades head sculpt and now consider this head sculpt to be my default version of Duke. I've used a PoC general hawk body w a Steel Brigade vest. Looks pretty sharp to me!
 General Bruce Colton! Well, yeah, you know what I mean! A decent figure, even with the sort of wonky cross-eyed look on his face. In just messing around with web-gear, I discovered that Night Fox, from the RoC Awestriker, had a decent set of web-gear that worked nicely for the General's own personal use.
 Roadrock, I mean Roadblock gets a nice little toy to play with. This is the battle kata Roadblock stripped down of all of his extra gear. While the battle kata system that came with this figure was pretty amazing, the pieces are just too small and almost fall in the "pre-lost" category.I trimmed off the holsters and removed the vest. Not bad.
Sgt Stone, from the RoC line gets a new lease on life. I used an extra Snake Eyes body from the latest 3-pack that includes Mouse. This PoC Snake Eyes body is amazing and is a great base for customs. So now Sgt Stone joins the GI Joe black ops team.

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Still need me that sweet sweet, PTE Battle Field building.