Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who would you like to see?

With the "running change" wave of discount store figures now showing up at Dollar General, I wondered if Hasbro is planning an official second wave of discount figures?

What characters would you like to see in this discount format?

I think they would have to be fairly recognizable and not an obscure character. I don't think a female character would make the cut. Too bad, I'd be in favor. 

So give me your thoughts in the comments. Please?

If Hasbro makes a discounted version of the 30th Viper, I am gonna' be so psycho crazy. 


Tom said...

Fine! I'll start it off!
(in no particular order)
1. Stalker (bad ass character)
2. Flint (movie tie-in)
3. Snake Eyes (always a fave, different than current offering)
4. Destro (big name)
5. Firefly (movie tie-in)
6. Cobra Viper (troop builder for this wave)

Dan Uthman said...

I could definitely see a Viper variant. That'd be the most likely one in my mind.

Seems like the most likely candidates would be those that aren't accessory-heavy -- which also makes me think that Scarlett or Lady Jaye could have a shot.

Here's another one: Dusty

Dr Syn said...

- Viper (drop the chrome to keep the cost down if need be), straight up PoC/30th repaint.

- Night Creeper, Concept case in any colour.

- Steel brigade: any of the concept case guys done as basically as they can.

- Dreadnok, that army builder guy form the concept case

- Training Duke, concept case. Generic as possible.

- Stinger Driver, concept case, I've got plenty of knives and guns to fill the holster. Keep the new Retaliation Beachhead/Snake-eyes webbing gear. Possibly some goggles for the helmet.