Tuesday, June 11, 2013

80's - 90's GI Joe collection

It's time...

With every new figure I buy, my collection grows and grows and grows.

Something has to give and unfortunately, my original GI Joe: A Real American Hero figure collection is going to face some liquidation of forces.

I need to reduce the amount of stuff in my collection. 
You can go to the list of figures here.

Nearly all of the figures are in excellent condition. A few have some minor paint wear. Like Tripwire, his nose is chipped. Weird.

I made a few notations on any special circumstances regarding the figures. Any figure with "?" in the "Sell?" column is in an unknown state. I'm pretty sure that I still have them, but these particular figures may have suffered the most over the years.

Any figure with "*" in the Comments section means I'm still in the process of finding all of their gear.

As figures sell, I'll update the list. And why do I have "No" listed under "Sell?" - too lazy to cut out the rows, I guess. 

If any figure interests you, send me an email!

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