Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GI Joe Black-Ops Team

The body used for the Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes (v54) is nothing short of pure excellence from Hasbro. It took a while to find that first one and I soon found more,, leading to some simple cool customs.

the body has been reused for several different characters. The latest Snake Eyes version using the same mold comes from the 3-pack with Mouse and Airborne (yeah, right).

So here are my simple customs for my GI Joe Black-Ops team.

Just by adding Stalker's head to this body, you get a new covert-ops look to Stalker. Not bad. Since he can talk and has seniority, he's the team leader.

Snake Eyes, of course. Pure bad ass.

This head comes from the Ice Storm character from the Polar Sharc sub that saw Ross release post Rise of Cobra. I didn't really like the bulky figure, so I grabbed his head for a covert ops look. I suppose he can still be Ice Storm.

I think this head is actually Cobra Commander from the 25th Battle Armor figure. Looks better here. Maybe Beach Head in black gear? Or somebody else?

Shipwreck? Sure, why not? Pulled from his Rise of Cobra body, he joins the black-ops team.

Sgt Stone? Yeah, works for me. I think he looks pretty good.

So that's my GI Joe black-ops team. They do the really dirty work that needs to get done. The nasty stuff. The stuff that never gets acknowledged.  

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Dr Syn said...

They really need to reuse Ice-Storms head.

Sadly I only ever got one Perfect Snake-Eyes. Luckily that current 3-pack has that body with the web gear that restricts the thighs and thus is begging to be used in customs.