Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm just not feeling it...

I picked up one of the "running change" Dollar General Cobra troopers today. If you follow this blog, you'll know I got pretty nuts about the blackshirt Cobra troopers from the first round of figures. I finally stopped at 12 of them.
This new version is blue and I'm not really digging the shade of blue. I've read elsewhere that this shade is more reminiscent of the animated versions of the Cobra troopers. Maybe so, but I'm not terribly excited by this troop. 
Maybe a couple more to round to a squad of three.

Here's a side by side shot of the three current versions. I like the dark blue of the original and the black just works as a special team of troopers. This new blue troop? He just looks too toy-like in his colors. Odd, I know, but he just doesn't fit in. 

Maybe some of you are saying , "yer full o' sh!t, Tom. He's awesome!" 

Not so much to me. I'll get my three (maybe) and leave the rest out there in the wild. 

And maybe I am full o' sh!t!

1 comment:

Dr Syn said...

Can't hate on this mold in any colour.

Yeah he's a goofy coloured one, but something about them makes me like it.

Still need a bunch of the Black ones though.