Friday, June 14, 2013

Variations on a Shipwreck

 This new version of Shipwreck seems to have much custom potential with just a simple head swap. Let's see what happens with a few changes.
 Ripcord from Renegades gets a makeover. Not bad, looks decent. No long neck syndrome, so this could work.
 Beach head from PoC looks to work pretty well also. Shipwreck's sleeve and torso are different shades of green and Beach Head's balaclava blends nicely with the torso.
 The alternate head from the Retaliation Joe trooper looks fairly decent. A little long in the neck, but not too bad. By troop building the Joe troopers, you either keep them all helmeted and "faceless" or you have a bunch of clone Joe troopers. this works by keeping this great head sculpt as a new character.
 Flint from Retaliation gets a new look. I really don't like the body that he came with originally. It's not just the lack of articulation, the body just looks like crap. I've been trying to find him a decent body, but his skin tone is darker than the average GI Joe white boy, so this could work for Flint.
 This is the driver from the GI Joe mech that came out a few years ago. I can never remember his code name. He's just an Airborne head sculpt in new colors. still works on this body.
 General Hawk from RoC gets a new look. I really like this swap. I definitely would like another to keep this a permanent situation.
This is Bench Press, the TRU exclusive from the RoC days. Yeah, just a reuse of Clutch's head, but the skin tone variation works.
Leatherneck joins the crew. A reuse of the Gung Ho head with some hair painted on the back, this is a decent enough Leatherneck. this body really works with this head. 

The potential of this new green shipwreck is amazing. Just some simple head swaps and you can add tons of new Joe figures to your collection. This really works for me, because I'm all in for easy, simple custom figures. The biggest issue for this body is to find suitable web-gear for it.

The hunt is on!


Monte said...

I tried a couple of these combos earlier today! For now I'm going with the BBTS Marauders Falcon head. It's a nice combination. Renegades Duke works nicely as well.

Dr Syn said...

The Retaliation Flint head on this body makes me think of 70s/early 80s Action man. Love it.