Monday, July 15, 2013

New Cobra Blueshirts - STOP!

Lately, it seems like whenever I drive by a Dollar General store and go in, Cobra troopers are just waiting for me. I stopped by one and there were two troopers just hanging out, waiting for me to pick them up. I have been saying that I really didn't like the colors of these guys too much and that I wasn't going to buy anymore. 

Yeah, right... Plastic Crack

Okay, so I'll buy these and maybe sell them on eBay, right? Sure, no problem.

Four carded Cobra Blueshirts. I'll bet I could do pretty well with them on eBay. I checked and the prices weren't that bad. Nothing terribly exciting, but I could probably make a little bit of a profit.

Oh, to hell with it. Just open the damn things! Let's see, I've got three Flight Pods along with the two jet packs - these guys could be aerial troopers! yeah, that'll work!

Now I have six of these new Cobra Blueshirts. I am really going to make an effort to STOP right here. No more. I just need to stay out of Dollar General stores, right? At least until news of a legitimate wave 2 comes out from Hasbro. (please?)

The problem with these guys, like the Blackshirts, is that they don't come with any gear to fill the pistol holster and the knife scabbard. Marauder, Inc. to the rescue! The guys at Marauder came up with a set of gear designed for the figures that used these legs and didn't have any gear. The two versions of the Cobra trooper and the version 2 of the Steel Brigade figure are the only ones that I can think of right now.

The set comes with a .45 pistol, a knife, and a grenade that fits in the hole for the silencer. I ordered ten sets, six for my Blueshirts and four just to have some extras. I know, you are probably saying that I'm just going to go out and get more troopers. We'll see...

Now my Blueshirts are fully armed and ready for combat. I suppose this shade of blue is kind of growing on me...

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Dr Syn said...

I really does grow on you, that shade of Blue.

I still crave a bunch of the Black uniformed release of this figure.