Friday, May 14, 2010

Screaming Duke

The GI Joe team's First Sergeant has been a target of mixed opinions for years. Since Duke's first appearance back in 1983, he has been heroic at times and the subject of ridicule other times. Over 40 action figures later, he is still considered by some to be a laughing stock of the GI Joe world - c'mon, enough with all the multiple versions of Duke!

The Resolute version of Duke finally brought about some redemption for the poor guy. But this guy is destined for continued ridicule. What was meant to be a heroic yelling angry Duke looks almost laughable. He has either been kicked in the stones or needs a bit more fiber in his diet.

After recently picking up screaming Duke at Joelanta 2010, I'm going to pile on the abuse on this guy. Just too easy a target!

C'mon, Duke, it's just a little snake! Man up!

Would this be considered a negative side effect?

Duke's nightmares continue... Really? This is how he had to be portrayed in film? Really?

There is still hope for Duke, the Pursuit of Cobra version coming out later this year looks very cool!

But I'm still going to put screaming Duke through toy hell! Sorry, dude!

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