Wednesday, June 15, 2016

FSS 4.0 Billy Update

Just a quick update on Billy. I switched out his original gear for the web gear from an extra bad ass Ultimate Snake Eyes and that worked okay for a bit. Still too bulky in my opinion, so I dug out an extra City Strike Snake Eyes.

I was able to pull the belt off of CS Snake Eyes, but needed to do the hot water trick to soften it to get it over Billy's hips.

It works well. I like it. I may still look for an adequate shoulder holster, but this look will do for now.


Dr Syn said...

How would the Green Dollar Store Green Duke Brown Belt and shoulder straps work on him?

Thomas Brooks said...

I like the idea but unfortunately I'm pretty sure my DG Duke figures are packed away. The shoulder harness is the piece I want to most try on Billy.