Saturday, June 18, 2016

FSS 5.0 Announced at JoeCon!

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The 12 figures are as follows!
1. Ambush
2. Charbroil (classic deco, masked head not removable)
3. Darklon (a more current version, convention version is considered a “prequel” design)
4. General Flagg (based on the 2nd Battle Corps version from the 90s)
5. Battle Corps COBRA Viper (based on the Iron Anvil look – light infantry Viper)
6. Salvo (more of a Pursuit of Cobra version, not 100% vintage accurate)
7. Scoop (with the helmet from Sky Patrol Airborne)
8. Raptor!!!!!!11!
9. Sneak Peek (standard release, may end up changing the vest a little)
10. Steel Raven (based on the female SKAR Infantry Officer)
11. Shattered Glass Xamot (the Shattered Glass version is very reminiscent of the Sunbow business suit)
12. Action Force Z-Force Gaucho (based on the 50th Anniversary Gung Ho)

I find no fault with any of these choices. Count me in for FSS 5.0!

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Dr Syn said...

Man I'm eager to see these turn out well.

Rather happy to hear the Joe Club ride isn't over too.