Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random Thoughts on FSS Figures Part 2

Time for another quick look at some of the FSS figures from the past couple of years. Let's jump right in with...
Bombstrike - the sister of Barrel Roll and Blackout. Hasbro created an interesting backstory for  these siblings that never seemed to develop too much. Maybe in some of the more recent comics, I don't know. Great job by the Club! Another top five FSS figure!
Frostbite - last year's "mystery" #13, not too surprising for some fans. He had already been introduced in his Tiger Force colors in a previous convention set, so it was really a no-brainer to bring him back in his original colors. Exceptional work! Another for the Top 5 FSS!
Big Ben - structurally, a very nice build by the Club, but that new head sculpt just really puts this figure into one of the top tier figures. A simple build, but very effective.
Wide Scope - hey look, the shock trooper body! Surprise! Again, that body just works. Is he a dog handler or a sniper? Both?
Hit & Run - almost spoiled by fan outcry of wanting the green camo paint on the face. It turned out pretty well, looks enough like skin tones with green over it, not a solid green. Just don't zoom in on the stubble on his chin.
Nunchuk - combat ninja. Oh my god, another ninja! The original figure was a bit goofier than his Ninja Force companions, but I think the Club did alright with this guy. I'm glad they gave him booted feet rather than ninja shoes. I also wanted him to have better web gear, more military styled than ninja styled.
Sure Fire - actually from FSS 1.0! I picked him up at last year's Joelanta. Decent build, great accessories. One of the lower priced FSS 1.0 figures out there.
Keel Haul - another favorite that brings back some cool memories about the original figure. I never had the Flagg, but I was able to get Keel Haul as a give-away prize at Chuckee-Cheese. Weird. 
Cool figure. Looks like Dennis Weaver to me.
Barricade - I really liked the original figure. I've always liked the concept of combat armor. The Club used the Delta suit bodies and legs but kind of missed it on the arms. Armored, but a little too short. Again, I don't know how the Club works out their designs when they are working with Hasbro, but he's decent enough. I need to dig out a shield for him to use as well.

That's it for now with a quick look at some of the FSS figures from the past few years.The last shipment of FSS 4.0 figures should be arriving soon. Hopefully sometime this week? I'm guessing the shipping schedule got pushed back with the recent JoeCon. Hell, I wish they would have shipped out to arrive that weekend. All the fans at home could have gotten them prior to all of the Con attendees. Hopefully they'll show up soon

Tiger Forse Outback and Sneak Peek and the "mystery" female figure as #13. I'm guessing that it will be a Tiger Force themed shipment and we'll get Tiger Force Jinx. Hope to find out soon!

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