Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Random Shite

I think I have some Irish heritage, so I can use the word "shite."
Snake Eyes (v54) in commando mode. Do you really need another version of Snake Eyes after this? Seriously. This figure kicks ass. Oh, wait, different web gear. Still a serious bad ass though.
 Snake Eyes (v54) in ninja bad ass mode. I prefer the commando version over this one. True, the original v2 Snake Eyes figure was better than v1, but that doesn't really count because all of the year one figures were "less than awesome" after subsequent years. With version 54, you get both ninja and commando. I prefer the commando.
 Using another Snake Eyes (v54) body, here is Covert Ops Duke. Works well enough. The helmet would be proper to wear on a mission, but it looks a bit dorky on him.
 This Airtight figure just always kicks butt.
Why not load him up with a flame projection unit?
Those zombie vipers aren't going to burn themselves!
 These guys. The Sci Fi update is another excellent figure. A bit wonky at the knees, but I can let that slide. Wait, you mean Hasbro doesn't produce 100% awesome figures all of the time? Whaaaa.....? Dang, suck it, Club bashers.
 Pythona with Nemesis Enforcer wings. I really like the look of these wings without the use of Nemmy. I sort of see the wings as a parasitic organism that attaches to your back, burrows in and interacts with your spine and nervous system, allowing you to use the wings as if they have always been a part of your body. Works for me and sort of aligns to the techno-organic feel of Cobra-La.
 Hell Boy because Hell Boy is awesome.
And when you find a 3 3/4" scale Hell Boy, he becomes even more awesome.
Mercer in Cobra Viper gear.
Mercer's story from the original Renegades 3-pack just really resonated with me. There was so much untold goodness within that brief file card.
Hot wiring a Cobra Moray and heading out across the Gulf of Mexico to escape Cobra. How bad as is that?

That's all for this post. 
Most of my stuff is packed up, so I'm limited to "portraits" and just writing about random shite. What the hell. Who else reads this silly dog and pony show?

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