Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Paint for a VAMP Mk2

I've got a few of the Ninja Combat Cruisers from Retaliation. I know for sure I have three, maybe one more. Most are all packed up right now, but I held one out for a new paint job.
The NCC or, as I prefer, the VAMP Mk2, is an excellent vehicle. an upgrade to the modern era VAMP, it has a new roof and doors. It turns out that the new VAMP appears to have quite a bit of customization potential.

But that color... Oh, that color... Most collectors aren't really thrilled with the color. I painted one of mine solid black and it makes for a great modern era update of the Cobra Stinger.

I decided to do a repaint in something more of a military green.
This is the result! I like it! I took a bunch of pictures and I'll post an in depth story about the paint I used and the process of painting it. But for now, I just really wanted to brag a bit about the paint job. The paint dried very smooth and it is almost factory quality. 

More later!

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