Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Random Thoughts on FSS Figures Part 1

With the announcement of a renewed relationship between the Club and Hasbro, as well as FSS 5.0 and maybe even FSS 6.0, I thought I would drag out a few basic pics of various FSS figures from the past couple of years for a quick recap of some highlights.
I'm still limited in my photographic endeavors right now. I'm hoping life will settle down in a few months. Time will tell. 
Bullhorn - great build by the Club, very basic but it still works. The web gear rocks (i want more) and the gear is decent too. That dang headband had to go. 
Pathfinder - Not a bad build by the Club, but not one of the best. The brush cutter is decent enough, but I'm not going to tie him to it.
Night Force Falcon - an update of the Falcon from the BBTS Marauder set, but I like this one better. I changed out the web gear with the set from Spirit from BBTS Marauder set. Another excellent web gear from Hasbro.
Jammer - I don't really know much about him or how he can be incorporated. I do know he needs new web gear. Still searching. Decent build though.
Repeater - so much win! Using the "Rock" body as a base, Repeater joins the ranks of the big dudes and I'm okay with that! Everything works with this guy. Easily one of my top 5 FSS figures.
Tollbooth - my sentimental favorite, but he's not without his flaws. Those legs make him quite a bit shorter than nearly everyone else. Interesting to compare him to some 25th and RoC figures; he's really not that short.
Cross Country - not an FSS figure, but so damn nice. He's the membership incentive figure from three(?) years ago? I don't know the parts used for the build, but everything works just great together. A new head sculpt and vest make him extra awesome.
Spearhead - or is it Bullhorn's twin brother? Same exact body and head sculpt used later for Bullhorn. I can't fault the Club too much like some do, mainly because this body just works for so many different types of figures.
Muskrat - Using parts of Jungle Attack Duke from PoC and modern era legs, Muskrat comes in as another shorter troop, which is just fine because everyone isn't six feet tall. #Tollbooth The biggest drawback is that his hat doesn't fit securely on his head. Time for some rubber cement!

So there's a quick look at a few of the various FSS figures from recent years. Part 2 coming soon!

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