Sunday, June 25, 2017

JoeCon 2017 - Marauder, Inc

I'm pretty sure I've reviewed various Marauder products over the past several years. My most "notorious" and most inadvertently popular post is a review of my first shipment of Marauder weapons. From seven years ago! The picture has been hijacked several times over the years. Once, it was featured in an anti-gun post about these weapons being available in Georgia to just about anyone. Yeah... machine guns... pulse rifles... Whatever...

Fast forward a few years and Marauder cranks out their own brand of military figures. I buy a few and am just blown away by the detail and high quality of the product.

Just a year or so ago, maybe a little longer, the guys at Marauder crank out a line of female soldiers, the Valkyries, and some update male torsos and head sculpts. Just beautiful stuff! 

I prefer military action figures, so Marauder definitely gets my attention with my extra spending money.

So JoeCon 2017 rolls along and Marauder has a table in the dealer room. I don't see it right away and eventually I find my way over to it. The deals they had... Sweet merciful lord in heaven... the deals...

They had special convention exclusives of their "Val" figures for some very low prices! They had probably at least a dozen specifically packaged male and female figures exclusively for the convention. Straight from their website, these same kits would have easily been closer to double the convention price.
I bought five figures... Couldn't help it. 
I had to force myself to stay away from them!
Home and working on the figures. I liked that bearded blond head sculpt, so he'll be my update of Rock n Roll.
So much stuff...
Nearly complete, I think.
Green uniform with black highlights.
More awesome coolness!
Female trooper, still not satisfied yet.
No worries! Half the fun is just figuring out how you want the gear to be loaded.
Update to Shooter? Probably.
She's still a work in progress.

I've got one more Val that I'm working on. I bought a t-shirt torso, so she'll be different than the two fully loaded Vals.

I'll be writing another post in the near future once I finish up my Vals. If you haven't bought anything from Marauder and you call yourself an action figure collector, I question your commitment!

How about you? What's your favorite piece from Marauder?

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