Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Battleforce 2000 Cobra Forces

Time for a look at the Cobra side of the 2017 Convention set!

I'll start off with the bagged set of three Laser Vipers. These were sold as add-ons to the set at the Club store. Sadly, they were limited to one set per attendee package. I think even the Golden Ticket crew were limited to one set.
The build of the Laser Viper if simple and effective. The chest looks like it came from the Duke figure from the Resolute boxed set. I think those are Viper legs from a Rise of Cobra figure. Sci-Fi forearms to go with the Sci-Fi weapon system? the head seems to come from that MARS set of three figures from Rise of Cobra.
All of the parts work well together and the Laser Vipers turned out decent enough. Too bad, the Club couldn't reproduce the original back pack weapon system, but everything turned out pretty decent.
Corrosa/Corrosion - the other side of the Ultimate Enemies two pack from the Club. He's almost an exact duplicate of the Dee-Jay figure. Corrosa has the vest that originated with the Motor Viper, a smart move by the Club to differentiate Dee-Jay and Corrosa so they weren't exactly the same. I've got to give it up to the Club - they did a great job of duplicating the original silly ass figure!
The BAT leader - I'm partial to BATs anyway, so I like these guys! Basically, the Club used the original 25th BAT body with a new head sculpt. I think the figures turned out quite well. The colors are a bit strong, but in hand, they aren't that bad. But why so many orange BATs?
Same exact figure as the BAT leader, except in bright orange. The BATs also come with a blade attachment, but the plastic is a bit soft and floppy, so I opted to keep the sword blades in with extra bits of gear from the set.

BATs always look awesome in large groups! But eight of them? A bit late now, but perhaps the Club could have gone with four of these guys and four more, same mold, different color palette and different weapons . Blue and silver highlights? Laser BATs? Oh well...
The last item for this review is the "freebie" item. This is the exclusive item available to all attendees. The LAW mini playset that seemed to survive from the original line into the modern era. Is it a new mold? Not sure. Decent enough freebie, but not terribly exciting.

Are you sick to death of the 25th BAT mold? I'm not!
Bring on the BATs!

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Dr Syn said...

Laser VIper ain't too bad, I don't need any so I'm good. Corrosion is gaudy but I like it when they do obscure figures from the non-American lines.

I will need myself a couple of the Orange BATs, loved V2 as a kid (v1 was my first figure), I wonder if any of the wonderful parts casting people will do an upgrade kit for his V2 weapons?