Monday, June 26, 2017

JoeCon 2017 Customs Part 01

Just a quick highlight of some of the customs on display at JoeCon 2017. 

A proper kilt-wearing Destro.
Serpentor, as he should be!
An awesome custom of Payload.
Upgrade to the Cobra FANG.
GI Joe on vacation!
Update to Mission to Spy Island.
Excellent paint job on a Mobat with Steel Brigade infantry support.
Cobra meets Megatron. Innovative use of a FLAK.
Budo's Temple.
GI Joe Helicarrier approaching the crashed Ark of the Autobots.
Cobra Serpent Armor
Night Force USS Flagg
Surprise! One of the worst vehicles in the history of the brand gets an awesome custom paint job.
An abandoned Rolling Thunder. The GI Joe team unleashed its missiles but had been crippled by a Cobra counter attack. Now abandoned, nature begins the reclamation process.

Excellent work by all of the presenters!

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