Thursday, June 29, 2017

Big Lob - Collector's Club Figure 2017

Big Lob makes his move!

In the Club Store at JoeCon 2017, there was a supply of carded Big lob figures that quickly sold out before I even made it through the line! No worries, I knew I had my Club figure arriving in the mail soon enough.

Well, he didn't arrive while we were gone, but just a day later, that familiar small box arrived.
Big Lob! Now who the hell is Big Lob?
Big Lob was basically a one shot character who was in the animated GI Joe movie. He was a part of a group of new recruits called the Rawhides. They were under the gentle care of Beach Head. Every other Rawhide made it into plastic form, except for Big Lob. I'm sure there's a story out there somewhere as to why he didn't make it into production. Perhaps, like Pythona, he was planned for a second wave of movie related figures that didn't make it into production due to poor response to the movie. That's a discussion for another time.

I never really liked the character that much. Maybe because he didn't make it into action figure format, I just never connected with Big Lob. This actually is the second version of Big Lob. The Club made him as part of a Convention set or a Convention exclusive. (too lazy to look it up)

Despite my disinterest in the character, I'm really quite pleased with what the Club did for the build. They took the first Roadblock/Rock body from Retaliation, without the weird hand, and probably used the hands from the second Roadblock/Rock figure from a Retaliation three pack to complete the figure. The brand new head sculpt is really well done and captures Big Lob quite well.

No ankle joints or double jointed knees? So what? Not a huge deal. Good job by the Club and I'm looking forward to next year's membership figure, Rock n Roll version 2!

What's your thoughts on Big Lob? Yea or Nay?

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Tony said...

Now this is a figure i can get behind.I'm so glad they didn't decide to throw a ROC Ripcord head on him to call it a day.Original!I've been wanting the O-Ring version for a while now but never even bothered looking him up on ebay,if ya know what i mean.