Saturday, June 24, 2017

JoeCon 2017 Dealers Room

Just a quick post about the Dealer Room at JoeCon 2017. I wish I had taken a few shots of the overall look of the room, but it was similar enough to what I've seen at Joelanta in the past, and I just didn't get any pics.

A few highlights: Dan Klingensmith, Jr. was there with his series of GI Joe books that featured a lot of behind the scenes information about the creation of the line. Awesome books and I should invest in them in the future.

Carson Mataxis was there with his Art of GI Joe books, along with his awesome posters. I picked up his poster of the Defiant Complex box art - full sized! It's beautiful! I definitely need to get it framed. I also grabbed the poster of the cross sell catalog from the year that the Defiant was released. another awesome poster! Check out Carson's work at 

Raginspoon was there with custom head sculpts and gear. Very nice stuff!

Boss Flight Studios was there with some of their figures. Or was it a seller of Boss Fight stuff? Not sure. Beautiful stuff, but I'm more into military figures. Plus, if you attack me on Facebook for my beliefs, I respond with my wallet.

Marauder Gun Runners was there with some stellar deals on some exclusively priced figures. So much win! Awesome guys as well! Marauder has always had some exceptional customer service and they rock. I've got an upcoming post in the days ahead just about Marauder.

There were dozens of other booths, but I can't think of them all at this time. Great deals nearly everywhere!

Two plastic tubs full of USS Flagg parts. So sad... Maybe some good bits for dioramas?
A battered Defiant Complex that looked just a little worse than mine did before I started breaking it down for parts. Poignant reminder of the glory of such an incredible set.
Tubs of o-ring figures! Loose and ready for customs! While there were several vendors who had complete figures for sale, it was also a bit entertaining to see these tubs. The figures were built well and are still holding up after all these years. Once the dealer room opened up to the public on Saturday, it was cool to see dads and sons dig through and buy fist fulls of GI Joe figures.
So this is the basis of the Club figure, Corrosion! Nice to see this guy mint on the card! The club did a good job on recreating Corrosa.
Hey, look! A $900 USS Flagg in the box! Very nice! Sort of tempting, but I've never really been tempted enough to pursue adding this to my collection. Figures are much easier to store than a 7' aircraft carrier!
Hey, look! It's Andre Bynoe and his lovely wife Jane! Andre was onsite, promoting his DioWarriors site and store. I've known Andre for several years online through,, and Facebook. We've also chatted on and off over the years about 3-D printing. Much of his product that he has are 3-D printed. He's really investing a lot into another realm of props for dioramas with his 3-D work. Very cool stuff!
All designed and printed by Andre! He's got plans to have this available in kit form in the future. Sign me up!
Steam punk mech that is mostly 3-D printed. Very cool!
Prototypes for Andre's alien figure line. Very cool and very creepy! I'm looking forward to see this line develop.
Amazing detail work from Andre! And it's 3-D printed! How cool is that?
Marauder Gun Runners... Oh, Marauder... I bought five of their figure sets at the show... Later in the day, on Saturday, I just had to stay away from them. They were my biggest temptation at the show.

Were you there? What did you pick up at from the dealer room?


Y. T. said...

I'm assuming BFS was making some sort of political statements? I'm not on FB but I like to let my wallet speaks as well, lmk.

Thomas Brooks said...

Yeah, political stuff and quite venomous as well. Only one representative of the company but enough to sour my overall opinion.

Y. T. said...

Thanks for the clarification, that's too bad.