Thursday, June 29, 2017

Collector's Club Cobra Officers

When did the Club release these figures? Last year? I think so. They looked cool at the time, but I put off buying any - until I made plans to go to JoeCon 2017. These lethal ladies were available at the club store, so I added them to my order of Convention souvenirs. 
I'm quite pleased with these figures! This is a case where the Club definitely beat Hasbro in figure design. Well, Hasbro had to approve, so... Anyway, these figures are far superior to the female Cobra officer that they put out as a part of a three pack of figures from last year. A much better parts selection over what Hasbro had done.
The Club had released a three pack of female figures as part of one of their convention sets several years ago, back in the o-ring days. This modern update was a great nod to the those figures, even matching the hair colors.
Decent, but minimal accessories. The helmets don't fit great, but they're okay.
Okay, this next observation is a bit... odd. Especially when considering that these are just toys. The Club used the same upper torso that they used for Pythona, which worked well for her, but not so much for these ladies. These ladies are quite well endowed and actually quite vulnerable. Yes, as a guy, female breasts are quite lovely to behold, but these are a bit too big and unprotected. It almost appears that their shirts are either quite stretchy or have built in boob pockets.

With my recent purchase of Vals from Marauder and, well, comparing the, uh, let's say, the anatomical sculpt of the figures, there's a difference between realistic and comic portrayal of female anatomy.  Having grown up reading comics, these Cobra ladies mirror the basic look of the superhero female. 

Back when Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, there were various spasms of nerd rage when Captain Phasma appeared and she didn't have female armor. In nerd speak, that means that her armor didn't have defined breasts. I found an article about how armor, if designed to enhance and not protect the female form, then it would leave the warrior very vulnerable to attack. The area between the breasts, if designed to have, uh, cleavage, would be a weak spot in the armor. Not so with Phasma's armor, or even the Marauder female gear.

I'm thinking of a future post covering female action figure breast sculpting. Is that just too weird? Am I just a sexist pig if I did a post comparing female head and torso sculpts? I think I actually commented on the Jinx figure's breasts back when I bought the SDCC figures.

In these days of acute cultural society, perhaps I shouldn't. But then again, who reads this silly ass blog anyway? What are your thoughts?

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Dr Syn said...

I think the uniformity of having 3 of them works well, kinda tempted to get one to make a Blue Baroness.