Friday, June 30, 2017

My Marauder Crew

Just a photo dump of my current Marauder crew.
Major Bludd - because Hasbro hasn't gotten him right yet.
One of Major Bludd's top team members.
Bludd Hounds?
Bludd Hound #2.
I finally found a use for the "Ripcord" head sculpt from RoC.
One of my first Marauder figures.
The addiction began then.
The other of my first Marauder figures.
What was this character from The Force Awakens?
I don't remember, but I liked the head sculpt enough to build the body with Marauder gear.
Orange Marauder gear because why the hell not?
Red and black because I said so.
This is actually the JoeCon 2017 Val exclusive, but not exactly because I swapped out different bits of gear. I like the green/black contrasts.
I believe that this is a new color palette for the male body. 
Whatever, I liked the figure enough to buy him at JoeCon.
"Shooter" - sort of. Inspired by the Shooter concept and much better than what Hasbro tried.
Rock n Roll - kinda'
I really like the shorter sleeves. 
The skin tones for the plastic are perfect.
Love the colors of the uniform!
Black Widow head on a Marauder body.
Nothing but love!

I've got to save up some $$$. The prepackaged sets from JoeCon were so loaded with gear that I have loads of it left. I need more bodies and more of the smaller bits! And more weapons! And more head sculpts! 
And more and more and more!!!

Doesn't Marauder just rock?
What are your thoughts?

1 comment:

Dr Syn said...

Marauder does indeed rock.

I've enjoyed all the figures I got from the 2nd kickstarter, I need to plan out my budget for various soldier types (Red SHadows, MGS2 Gurlukovich, Hammer Empire Goons).