Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Marauder Task Force Review

Just getting my two cents out there...

I am a huge fan of Marauder Inc equipment. If you've never heard of them, then I really don't know why you are here. They've been "sort of" a part to my internet claim to fame in recent years. I did a review of some of their weapons way back in 2010 and that particular post has been my most visited post around the world. Oddly enough, when you do an image search for "types of guns with names," the picture on my post usually shows up in the first few slots on Google. The down side is that my original image was "borrowed" and used on various lame sites to promote whatever firearm agenda of the site. Ha! Toy Guns!

Marauder recently started up a Kickstarter with the intention of creating their own line of action figures. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take part in that start up, but I knew I would get involved as a customer! There was a brief bump in the road in the release of the figures, but they recently sent out all the packages to the Kickstarter backers and added the figures to their store.

I ordered one figure in the dark green color palette and most of the gear that goes along with the figure. You basically order the various bits and pieces to build your unique figure.
You start off with just a basic pre-painted body. The body has the typical articulation as a modern GI Joe figure. The ankles pivot and swivel. Double-jointed knees. Waist pivot joint, not the mid-waist joint. Rotate and pivot hands. Pivot and rotate elbows. Ball and socket head. 
The head selection is impressive. There is only one style pf sculpted unmasked head, but it is molded in varying skin tones and hair colors. The face is good enough to work with any of the skin tones. The other heads are primarily various masked heads in various deco patterns.
There's a pretty big assortment of head gear as well. There's a few different styles of helmets and a beret. Each item comes in colors that can be matched to the basic body style.
There's also a nice selection of holsters and sheaths. You can buy individual pieces, but they do have sets with one of each that make shopping more convenient. One cool aspect about the simple holsters is that there are left and right holsters. Double carry, baby! No pistols or grenades are included with these sets, but they are available elsewhere on the site.
There's a huge assortment of pockets and pouches, each in the different color palette of the basic body. I went with the set just to get everything. 
While the weaponry is located elsewhere in the store, I wanted to buy a new item for my new troop. I went with the ACR Assault Rifle with the full load of add-on sites and scopes. While I like the idea of the folding stock, I'm not too crazy about it in-hand. The joint doesn't stay put and tends to move around a bit too much. Not a huge deal.
There is also a selection of modular vests to complement your figure. I chose to go with the armored vest and shoulder pads.
For me, I needed one particular item to properly enjoy this figure. My damn reading glasses. Shit.
The key to what will be the huge success of these figures is the modular functionality of the figures. There's a socket in each upper arm, one in each thigh, and one in each lower leg. This allows for the various bits and pieces to be added according to the desire of the owner. And that is damn cool.
Here's my troop loaded up, with his hat and goggles.
A different load out with a holster on each hip.
At this point, I'm almost satisfied with the load out for my troop. While the pieces do remain fairly secure, Marauder recommends gluing the pieces on in order to secure them.
I think this is his final load out; I don't have him in front of me as I write.
One thought came to mind as I was putting this guy together. I recalled the old Twilight Zone episode, "The Soldier." Crude effects and costume, but still a powerful story.

Are these figures expensive? Yeah, they are. They're more expensive than the Club's FSS figures and are better because Marauder is all in-house design and they are not reliant on the demands or constraints of Hasbro.

Are they worth it? Hell yeah! But these are not toys for little kids. These are designed more for the adult collector. Maybe a teen aged collector, but seriously, how many of those are out there right now?

Are they a threat to GI Joe? I don't know. After considering the upcoming "50th" releases this August, I'm less inclined to pick up the troop builders or the previously released characters and save up $$$ for Marauder Task Force figures. Hasbro should take notes from Marauder Inc; they've tapped into a market that may take a few dollars from the Hasbro coffers.

I highly recommend these if you are a fan of the military action figure! I've added enough links for you to go begin building your own army. 
Go there now and buy some!!
Then come back and tell me your thoughts!


Warzonemerc said...

They are Impressive and i have dealt with Maurders gun runners before and they are top notch! these figures are a diffrent flavor but still in the same realm of joes after this review i def want a couple with my joes. Fantastic review and my fav statement was "Now i need my reading glasses. shit...LOL!

Tony said...

You may have sold me on these figs!The prospect of having my own customized Joe-like figure has me feeling like a kid again!