Monday, July 20, 2015

FSS 4.0 Reveals: Billy

Saving the best for last...
As I was headed down to Florida for a week of vacation, the Club revealed the last figure for FSS 4.0.

Cobra Commander's son, Billy, makes his appearance. I figured I ought to complete my thoughts on the reveal even though I'm late. So what.

Is his last name Kessler or Arboc? Does anyone really care that much? Arboc is an obvious anagram of Cobra, so that's kind of dumb. 
I do like what the Club has done with Billy. They've capture the missing eye from an attempt on his life, but no blatant appearance of mechanical limbs. Good, don't need them.

I do like the idea of the rebellious son of Cobra Commander on the side of the Joe team. I even like his training by Stormy and Snakes. Is he fully aligned with the Joe team? I don't know. Ultimately, that decision will be mine to make in my own twisted GI Joe world. I'm thinking he's more of an independent, working with the Joe team at times, but not an actual member.

I'll be looking forward to this figure. I'm guessing he may be a late release. Your thoughts?

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Tony said...

I don't like the bronze web gear,gloves and boots.A simple brown would have looked nice. Still and all a decent figure.