Saturday, July 25, 2015

Oreobuilder's Blog: GI Joe Resurgence II

The crew over at Oreobuilder's Blog is made up of some amazing customizers. I first became aware of the blog when they did a proper 50th Anniversary salute to GI Joe. They've begun a project called GI Joe: Resurgence II, continuing their story line from resurgence in which new characters, with a few older characters, were introduced. July will feature daily updates on Resurgence II. I'm going to just list each day's entry with a direct link on this ridiculous blog so that a few more people can see the wonder of Oreobuilder's Blog.

I can't guarantee that I'll be able to keep up with new updates every single day, but I'll try. With vacation and back to work at the end of the month, I'll probably fall behind, but I will get the list caught up eventually. I'm guessing you'll almost be grateful that these are customs and not real figures, because you would be BROKE after buying all of them!

Day 01: Strongarm and Landmine & Sniffer
Day 02: Kobura Kai
Day 03: Vampyrebat w. Vector Viper
Day 04: Silent Master
Day 05: Nega-Watt
Day 06: Grease Monkey
Day 07: Mail Away Dusty & Roadblock
Day 08: GI Joe Cougar w Treads and Switch Gears
Day 09: High Noon
Day 10: Meathead & Desert Viper
Day 11: Eagle Eye
Day 12: Techno-BAT & Cobra Debugger w/ Icebreaker
Day 13: Prodigy
Day 14: Chuckles & Destro
Day 15: Bonesaw
Day 16: Upshot
Day 17: Doc
Day 18: Cobra Sand Wolf & Desert Vipers
Day 19: Groundpounder & Sun Devil
Day 20: SWARM Locust
Day 21: Kickback
Day 22: SWARM Command Mech w Glitch 2.0
Day 23: SWARM Invasion 3-pack
Day 24: SWARM Hunters Battle Unit
Day 25: Steel Brigade Squad
Day 26: Neat Freak
Day 27: GI Joe Dragonfire w Mongoose
Day 28: Devilsharc w Overboard
Day 29: HISS VI w Sabot Viper
Day 30: Cobra Anaconda w WORMS
Day 31: Catalogs & Final Thoughts

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